What is Daisy-Care?

Daisy-Care makes it effortless for you to bond with your pet while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Our curated care packages provides you and your dog with high quality treats, toys and accessories that save you time and money. We help you discover the best products by sourcing from high quality suppliers we believe in and are passionate about the quality they provide. We focus on all-natural products that maximize your pets’ health and focus on addressing specific issues or achieving goals without having to sift through hundreds of thousands of items online or go to a store. Because, if you’re anything like us, you want to provide your pet the same quality and lifestyle as you do for yourself!

Daisy's Story

Daisy, dog to April Malinowski (CEO), is the inspiration behind Daisy-Care. Here is her story as told by April. In 2013, she came into my life after she, and two of her litter mates, were dumped on a co-worker’s property. Daisy was in rough shape when I first laid eyes on her but despite the fleas, ticks, worms and demodectic mange she still had joy and wagged her tail when I said, “Hi sweetheart.” The beginning of Daisy’s story is all too familiar for a rescue, I only wish they could all have a happy ending like hers.

Daisy has come a long way since she was a puppy with a lot of love, medical attention, proper nutrition, exercise and mental stimulation. Since my other dog, Colleen, had severe allergies as a puppy I was already educated on the use of inexpensive fillers, such as cornmeal, in dog food that often lead to allergies. With Daisy I was able to apply this knowledge and newer research to help give her the proper diet to help give her immune system a chance to strengthen. Due to her health problems, intelligence and limitless energy, it takes a lot of knowledge to keep her safe, healthy and entertained! I found that my psychology degree offered great insight into making it work.

Dogs are called best friends for a reason and Daisy is no different. She is personality plus. She throws temper tantrums. She loves a good beauty routine. She’s a nature girl, loving to sun bathe. Jumping frogs and bugs on the patio need not be afraid. She checks everyone out with great care and meets friends wherever she sticks her wet nose.

It’s hard sometimes to remember that Daisy is a dog and not a person. I know a lot of people feel that way about their companions, it is a special bond. That’s why we work hard at Daisy-Care to help facilitate a safe and positive bonding experience between every human and their dog(s). We strive to deliver exceptional service, focus on quality and flexible service options.


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